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Don’t miss out — Make your emails mobile friendly!

emailNow that at least 51 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device, it’s high time to ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices. Although the numbers from this last holiday season are just starting to trickle in, the evidence reveals that retailers in the UK benefited with 55 percent of sales coming from a mobile device, and a full 25 percent of these from smartphones. Just what exactly do we need to do to make certain that our emails are optimized for mobile in 2014? Here are a few tips to get started!

5 Ways to optimize your emails for mobile devices

  1. The shorter the better – People on the go don’t have time to read a long piece, especially due to the size of the screen they are dealing with. You want your emails to short, concise, and leading quickly to a desired action. Shorter wins in mobile!
  2. Use larger sizes – Again, no one wants to squint more than they need to. Make it easier on the eyes by using larger fonts, keeping your text at least 14 points, and headlines around 22. Also, colored or busy backgrounds on your email template make things challenging to see also. Stick with black on white.
  3. Calls to action need to be seen – Make your call to action links and buttons stand out! Also, the nearer the top you can position them the better conversion rates you’ll have.
  4. Optimize sender names and 1st lines – Since a number of email clients (Apple comes to mind) make it their practice to display their sender names in a larger type than they do the subject lines, it behooves you to make your sender name recognizable. You’ll should also make sure that the first line of your email template is optimized as well, as it is often visible in the inbox!
  5. Make buttons a decent size – Ever try and click a tiny little link or button on your phone? Maddening, isn’t it! Don’t be that guy! Make them at least 44 pixels in height and width, so they aren’t tempted to chuck their phone across the room! You’re looking for clicks, right?